Nov 15, 2023

Beer for Humans featuring Changing Gears!

Drink beer, give back.
Each month, Rhinegeist highlights four local nonprofit organizations that are brewing positive change in our community! Grab a pint Wednesdays from 5-8 pm, receive a token with each pint purchase, explore the organizations, and vote for your nonprofit partner of choice by placing your token in their designated dropbox! (You may also make a monetary donation in any dropbox.) At the end of the month, each organization receives a donation based upon the amount of votes they receive, while the organization with the most votes receives a bonus. So grab your pals, grab a beer, and support some humans!

November 15th’s featured partner is Changing Gears! The Changing Gears mission is to empower people who are working towards prosperity by providing affordable transportation solutions. When our clients have private transportation they can find jobs that are not dependent on the bus system’s routes and schedules, save time getting to work, taking kids to childcare, and accomplishing daily tasks like putting food on the table.