Apr 2, 2020

Brewcademy: An Introduction to Sour Ales

Brewcademy: An Introduction to Sour Ales

The world of sour beer can be intimidating territory for craft beer newbies and aficionados alike. If you have been thinking about starting your journey into sours, or even expanding on your foundational knowledge, let us be your guide into this complex and rewarding category! In this session of Brewcademy, we will explore the fundamental types, techniques and trends within Sour Ales, and what distinguishes a Sour from similar styles. Our Director of Education, Chris Shields, will lead the class.

Limited seating available.

Class fee is $45 and includes a scholarly sample glass (to be filled with multiple tastings), a notebook, a writing utensil, and a take-home bottle of Table Beer.

The language of beer can be confusing. Have you ever wondered the difference between Double and Imperial, or Ale vs Lager? What makes a beer Belgian-style? Can you handle the Truth? So many of you have asked us excellent questions over the years that we’ve decided to take you back to school, back to school, to prove to your dad that you’re not a fool. Brewcademy: The Rhinegeist Brewery Beer School for People Who Want to Learn About Good Beer and Other Things Too. We’ll teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about beer, but were afraid to ask. Taste the greats with our experts and learn the vocabulary of flavor and aroma. Get geeky with molecules and chemical processes – we’ll provide the tools, you bring the brain. Each year will focus on a different annual theme, made up of quarterly topics classes.

A little about our professor:

Our Director of Education Chris Shields will be laying down the liquid knowledge. A global citizen of the beer world and tireless student of this ancient craft, Chris is hyped on hops and downright giddy to share all that he knows. After a stint at Mystery Brewing in NC where he worked his way up to Head Brewer, Chris moved to Cincinnati to join Rhinegeist as a Brewer and Cider-maker. In 2016, he became the brewery’s first Director of Education, putting his high school teaching experience to good use. As an Advanced Cicerone, with an MS in Biological Sciences and a Master of Beer Styles and Evaluation from the Siebel Institute, Chris is the ideal geek to guide you through the complex and fascinating universe of water, malt, hops, and yeast – also known as beer.