Jul 27, 2019

Dangerwheel 2019

On a certain summer’s night, family and friends gather as the tranquil neighborhood of Pendleton transforms into two blocks of asphalt, speed and down-hill competition!

Danger Wheel returns for its fifth annual day of downhill races, local brews and fun in the sun. This event is free and open to the public!

This 5th annual tournament of bravery and outdoor jollification is composed of two key elements:

1) A wide selection of summer swill by local breweries and bars.
2) The first of it’s kind, adult big-wheel racing tournament.

Proceeds from Danger Wheel benefit the Pendleton Neighborhood though various beautification projects and contributions to the arts.

Teams can register through the Dangerwheel website.

Stay tuned to all our summer events through our On the Road page.