Mar 14, 2024

Kölsch Night!

What’s clear, crisp, refreshing, and served in a wheel? It’s Kölsch!
Good news! Thursday nights from 3-9pm, Kölsch Nights are coming to the Taproom!
Here’s how it works:
-Order Kölsch service at the bar on Kölsch Night from 3-9pm. We’ll bring you a Kranz (Kölsch wheel) with your Stange (glass) of Kölsch.
-If you need another, we’ll come to you! If we see an empty Stange at your table, we’ll bring you a full one and put a hash mark on the coaster under your glass to keep count. Each Stange is $3.
-When you’re done, just place the coaster on top of your empty Stange. We’ll charge you according to the number of hash marks on your coaster.
-Don’t lose your coaster! (“Lost” coasters will result in a $50 charge.)
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