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Rare Beer Fest

Howdy! There are so many awesome breweries out there, and we wish we could host them all. If you would like to be a part of RBF but did not receive an invitation, please contact hpayne@rhinegeist.com.

If you did receive an invite…
We’d be honored if you would join us as a participating brewery at this year’s Rare Beer Fest, a festival honoring the extraordinary, the unobtainable, and the unexpected. We will once again host two sessions (12pm-4pm; 6pm-10pm)!  Therefore, we’re asking that you send (12) total cases of packaged beer or (4) total 1/6 bbls of beer. We do prefer shippable packaged beer, but we will accept 1/6bbls.

 We are asking for two styles of beer, but ideally six cases of each style (or two 1/6bbls of each style) – we’d like to keep both sessions as similar in offering as possible. Please note that we have budgeted to purchase the beer and pay for shipping (if shipping is necessary).

 We’d also love to invite you to come to Cincinnati in-person to enjoy the event and an entire weekend of festivities! Come showcase your rarest brews and kick it with us in the Queen City for a weekend of shenanigans! 

To register, please fill out the form no later than August 2nd. If you are not currently registered in the state of Ohio, please open the “Rare Beer Fest Product Label Registration Form” PDF below in order to print paperwork regarding temporary distribution – paperwork will be due no later than August 30th. All paperwork will need to be filled out completely and emailed to Mike Rutter (mike@rhinegeist.com).

 All beer needing to be registered in Ohio will need a COLA through TTB. If you need to register your beer through TTB, we recommend planning for a 30 day turn around for approval. Feel free to reach out to rarebeerfest@rhinegeist.com with any questions or concerns. We hope to see you in Cincinnati Saturday November 2nd! 


Brewery Registration Rare Beer Fest Product Label Registration Form