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Break the Rules of Flavor

Hard Craft Beverages
Real Fruit Flavor
Hard Craft Beverages
Real Fruit Flavor

WhAt iS RGBevs?

RGBevs is a new line of full-flavored Hard Craft Beverages featuring an array of exciting fruit combinations and natural flavors. Drawing from years of innovation and experimentation in areas falling outside the boundaries of beer and seltzer, by boldly daring to taste like the flavors listed on the can, RGBevs are breaking the rules of flavor!

WhAt iS A hArd crAft bev?

Neither beer nor seltzer, Hard Craft Beverages are crafted from a neutral malt base with blends of real fruit and natural flavors to showcase a range of bright, fruity, juicy profiles that deliver refreshing and intense real fruit flavor.

Hard Craft Beverages

Introducing RGBevs

RGBevs feature updated staples from our popular Fruited Ale family alongside some fresh and flavorful additions. Bubbles will anchor the lineup, joined by Zango Crush,Wowie Colada, and Rhinegeist’s first Hard Lemonade, Lemmy Nade!

Explore Each Flavor
Available Year Round


Add a bit of pop to any occasion! Bubbles is a refreshingly effervescent blend of peach, apple and cranberry.

Refreshingly Effervescent
Available Seasonally

Zango Crush

A citrus celebration with tropical trimmings, Zango Crush is an uncommonly refreshing blend of mango and blood orange.

Citrus Celebration
Available Year Round

Lemmy Nade

Your new main squeeze. Lemmy Nade is a tart refreshing blend of lemon & lime.

Your Main Squeeze
Available Seasonally

Wowie Colada

Take a tropical trip. Wowie Colada is a refreshingly adventurous blend of pineapple & passionfruit.

Tropical Trip