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Wowie Colada

Hard Craft Beverage

5% ABV

Make the getaway.
Part of the RGBevs family of full-flavored Hard Craft Beverages, Wowie Colada is a refreshingly adventurous blend of pineapple and passionfruit.
Straw colored with great clarity and a tiny bit of thin, white foam. Fresh pineapple and creamy coconut lead both flavor and aroma, amplifying the perception of sweetness. The finish is surprisingly refreshing, with only slight hints of lingering fruity sweetness.

What is RGBevs?
RGBevs is a brand new line of Hard Craft Beverages from Rhinegeist. Drawing from years of innovation and experimentation in the Beyond Beer space, RGBevs features reimagined staples from Rhinegeist’s Fruited Ale family alongside fresh additions. Using a blend of real fruit and natural flavors, RGBevs deliver intense, full-bodied profiles that don’t disappoint.

What is a Hard Craft Beverage?
Neither beer nor seltzer, Hard Craft Beverages are uniquely crafted from a clear malt base with blends of real fruit and natural flavors to showcase a range of bright, fruity, juicy profiles that deliver refreshing and intense real fruit flavor.

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ABV: 5%
Draft / Can
Hops: n/a
Malts: n/a
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Availability: Seasonal / Find Wowie Colada
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