Beer Reviews


Reviews are done by Travis Houston, our Sensory Specialist, Certified Cicerone, FOBAB Judge, and Simpsons aficionado.


Snug fits right into the lineup as an option for the cooler months when you need a little extra spice in your life. Notes of mulled cider, spice cake and apple turnover mark the changing season with a refreshingly rousing nip. Like a blanket in a can. Read on to get the cozy overview on the newest addition to our cider family.


Snug is our newest canned cider! What does this recipe bring to our cider lineup, and how does it compliment Semi-Dry?

The five-spice blend in Snug comes from Asian cuisine, specifically Chinese and Vietnamese foods. The blend, which contains star anise, clove, cinnamon, black peppercorns, and fennel seeds, can be used to season meat, enrich stews, spice up breading, and even as the main flavor in sweets. When combined with the fresh apple aroma from the base cider, the blend takes on a baking spice characteristics, hinting at apple pie and cinnamon bread. This warming sensation is enhanced by the black peppercorns. Traditionally, Chinese cuisine would use sichuan peppercorns, but we liked the way that black peppercorns tasted in Snug. The clove, fennel seeds, and star anise add some sweet black licorice notes, but also a pleasant cooling sensation that perfectly balances the hints of heat. All of this manages to stay nimble and drinkable thanks to a fairly dry, very crisp cider base. While semi-dry is meant to appeal to cider purists, Snug is still a cider at its core, and finishes with a pleasant apple linger and hints of spice. 


What are the notable characteristics of this cider?

The five spice blend is very notable, especially the interplay between warming and cooling sensations from the seemingly contrasting ingredients. The cinnamon, star anise and clove all add to the perception of sweetness and enhance the baking spice character. All of this is made possible by using a very cleanly fermented cider as the base into which these spices are infused. Fresh, crisp apple aroma and flavor serves as the perfect backdrop for the spices in Snug.


What makes you want to drink this cider?

The changing weather, and all the foods that come with it. All the things the five-spice blend can be used to flavor would go great with Snug: stews, spiced breads, sweets, roasted meat. This will go great with thanksgiving dinner, or while watching a movie by the fire.


Appearance: Light straw color with very slight haze and bright white foam

Aroma: Sweet baking spices, holiday spice, sweet black licorice, cinnamon, apple


Taste: Fairly dry, with both warming and cooling sensations from spice


Mouthfeel: Fairly dry and very crisp


Overall: The spice blend is in perfect harmony, with balancing hot and cold sensations. The apple adds to the baking spice impressions, with a dry, crisp cider base that enhances drinkability. 


What foods would pair well with Snug? Roasted chicken, turkey or pork


Ideal glassware for Snug? A standard pint glass