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Feeling Good (NE Style IPA, Castle Island Collab)

This review was penned by our Sensory Specialist and Certified Cicerone Travis Houston.

Feeling Good (8.5% | 50 IBU) is our New England Style IPA collab with the bodacious Bostonians at Castle Island Brewing Co.! This brew is hazy with a soft mouthfeel and explodes with fruity and piney notes. Ride the wave!

Malts: 2-Row, Pilsner, and Wheat

Hops: Amarillo, Idaho 7, and Citra

Feeling Good is a collaboration with Castle Island Brewing Co. in Norwood, MA. Talk about that partnership.

Castle Island haven’t been in the game for very long, but they’ve already made a huge impact in Boston and beyond. The chance to collaborate with a young brewery doing such great things in a great beer city was one we certainly couldn’t pass up.

This brew is a New England Style IPA. What’s the origin story of this new — and very popular  — beer style?

Most people look to The Alchemist’s Heady Topper, an IPA brewed in Vermont, as the original NE IPA. With haze no longer being taboo, other Northeastern brewers developed new processes that redefined what an IPA can be. Altered water chemistry, interesting malt bills, specific yeast strains, and innovative hopping schedules all contribute to the unique flavor and texture of these IPAs.

What are the notable characteristics of Feeling Good?

This brew is bursting with hop aroma and flavor, complemented by a soft and full mouthfeel.

What makes this beer unique?

We used a specific yeast strain and a very unconventional hopping schedule to maximize flavors without increasing bitterness. All the great fruity, piney flavors and aromas are pulled out of the hops and amplified.

What are some other New England Style IPAs that you dig?

Anything from Tree House or Tired Hands is a must-drink. Locally, Listermann and Streetside both have excellent examples of the style. Many of these brews aren’t readily available, so tracking releases and getting them while fresh is essential.

Appearance: Pale gold and hazy.

Aroma: Resinous pine and tropical punch.

Taste: Mildly bitter, featuring massive notes of pine and tropical fruit.

Mouthfeel: Soft and full from additions of flaked wheat.

Overall: Hops nearly jump from the glass, backed by a soft mouthfeel and medium bitterness.

What foods would pair well with Feeling Good?

Vindaloo would match the intensity of this brew well, and provide a spicy counterpoint to the massive amount of hop flavor.

Ideal glassware for Feeling Good?

Anything with a slight curve near the rim will help trap and release hop aromas with every sip