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Surf Hut IPA

Surf Hut paddles through breaks of Sabro, Galaxy and Eclipse hops and gets pitted in waves of tropical fruit flavor. Cantaloupe and melon aromas crest and give way to a balanced bitterness with subtle hints of coconut. Kick back, take a sip, and watch the tide roll in…

To get the full scoop on our latest Hop Box-exclusive IPA, read on!

Reviews are done by our Sensory Specialist Travis Houston, a Certified Cicerone and FoBAB judge.

Malts: Pilsner, White Wheat

Hops: Sabro, Galaxy, Eclipse

Surf Hut is the latest Hop Box-exclusive release.  Tell us about the Hop Box: what is this hoppy variety pack all about? 

The Hop Box is a mixed pack that allows us to showcase all the different, interesting ways hops can be used in modern brewing. The beers in this pack utilize a combination of new hop varietals, novel brewing techniques, and exciting innovations in yeast. Surf Hut uses hops that impart intense topical and melon fruit notes, along with hints of coconut, resulting in a truly unique and delicious IPA.

What’s the background on the name “Surf Hut”?

With such a tropical fruit forward profile, visions of the beach come to mind the moment you take a sip. 


There are a lot of IPAs out there—what makes Surf Hut stand out?  

The hops used in this beer were made available fairly recently after years of development by hop growers. The fruit notes they contribute to a brew are a delicious departure from the typical citrus and tropical-forward hops often found in American IPAs. Melon, pineapple, and coconut lead the flavor profile of Surf hut, leading to an almost colada-like beer that bursts with tropical flavor.

What are the notable characteristics of this beer?

Surf Hut manages to deliver massive tropical notes while still finishing dry and refreshing. The bitterness is perfectly balanced by subtle malt sweetness, leading to a finish that lingers lightly with fruity hop flavor.

What makes you want to drink Surf Hut?

The tropical flavors remind me that summer is just around the corner, bringing with it the shift to lighter, more refreshing beverages. Surf Hut is perfect for an afternoon around the pool while you daydream about sitting on a beach with a drink in hand.

In your professional opinion, is Surf Hut a choppy overgunned paddlepuss, or when you drop in do you get super-pitted in heady barrels?

I’m from Ohio…

Appearance: Gold color with haze and thick white foam.

Aroma: Hop-derived notes of cantaloupe, pineapple and coconut, backed by tropical punch and a hint of crackery malt sweetness.

Taste: Just enough sweetness to balance the medium bitterness, allowing the massive fruity notes to dominate from start to finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium-full bodied to enhance the fruit flavors, while still being light enough to finish crisp and refreshing.

Overall: Surf Hut is an IPA just bursting with hop-derived notes of melon, pineapple, and coconut. A medium-full body enhances the fruit forward flavor profile, as does an excellent balance of bitterness and sweetness, allowing for a dry and refreshing finish.

What foods would pair well with Surf Hut?

Surf Hut would go great with fish tacos.

Ideal glassware for Surf Hut?

A shaker pint, or anything with an inwardly curved rim to capture and release aroma.