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Hosting a Non-Traditional Wedding at Rhinegeist, Part Two: Un-Ceremonies

So you’ve planned your non-traditional wedding, now what? Here are some pointers to take your ceremony into uncharted territories! Remember: these are just suggestions; it’s your show, so think outside of the box!

Before the Show 

Spend the morning together. It’s usually considered bad luck to see each other before the ceremony, but maybe ditching superstition is what lays your love bare! Before you both go off to get ready for the wedding, try making breakfast together or grabbing a coffee and reflecting on what makes your relationship special. You’re both going to be SUPER busy for the rest of the day, and these could be some of the quietest and memorable moments. This might be an ideal time to go over your vows in private and really bask in their personal meaning. 



First Look: Many couples are opting towards a first look before making their way down the aisle. This is a great way to exchange vows privately, shed a few happy-excited-anxious-tears, and see each other all dressed up before the ceremony!

First Touch: Like the first look, the first touch allows couples to be in the presence of one another before going down the aisle, but without seeing each other. This can be done by holding hands from around a corner and reading vows silently or aloud.

During the Ceremony

There’s no *correct* way to love, so why not get creative? Unity ceremonies are a symbolic way of tying the knot; here are some less-than-expected ways couples choose to celebrate matrimony:

El Lazo/Handfasting: Ribbons, rosaries, or ropes are wrapped around the couple in some fashion to symbolize the commitment to each other as they “tie the knot.” 



Water, sand or paint: Couples combine water or sand as a symbol of joining and blending together as one.

Candle burning ceremony: Both sides of your family each light a smaller candle and then the couple uses those candles to light a larger candle to represent the merging of two families.

Jumping the broom: Historically, jumping the broom goes back generations, and represents jumping into a new life with your partner.

Ring warming: Wedding rings are passed around to all the guests, symbolizing the togetherness and importance your friends and family have on your lives together.

Love locks: The couple uses a lock-and-key ceremony to represent their unbreakable love.


Other ideas:

Beer bearer. Replace the Ring Bearer with a Beer Bearer! In this scenario, the appointed bearer passes out cans of beer to guests and they skip, twirl, or stroll down the aisle (must be 21+). We have plenty of beer! 

Flower pup. A furry friend can be a great alternative to a flower girl or ring bearer! Rhinegeist does not allow pets, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate your best friends if they cannot attend. (link to blog about incorporating pets)



Have a friend officiate the ceremony. Having a friend officiate adds another layer of intimacy to the day.


After the Ceremony 

So you’re married, and life is a dream, but there are ways to continue celebrating your love long after the ceremony has ended! 

Anniversary Capsule. Try writing additional vows & open them on one year anniversary!

Watch your love grow! Plant a tree together in your yard and watch it grow over the years. This is a fun and rewarding way to mark your growth and development as a couple. 

Non-traditional weddings are more than just a way to break the mold; they’re about creating a celebration that feels authentically you. Don’t be afraid to embrace the unconventional, the quirky, and the unexpected—after all, marriage is full of unexpected surprises. Cheers!