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No Pets Allowed? No Problem! Creative Ways to Include your Furry Friend in your Big Day

Pets are family, but we can’t take them everywhere with us (as much as we’d like to). Part of the charm of tying the knot at Rhinegeist is being surrounded by your friends and loved ones in a historic, active brewing facility. The downside is, of course, pets aren’t allowed in this environment, but don’t fret! If you’re not able to keep your furry friend by your side at the venue (or if you’re simply not 100% certain they’ll be their best selves even if they were), there are plenty of creative ways to include them on your special day! 

Featured image from Eleven:11 Photography

Image by Gabriella Poirier Photography @GabriellaPoirier

Put your pet on greeter duty!

Everyone loves seeing a friendly, furry face first thing when heading into a celebration, so why not have your pet greet your guests on your big day? If your pet has the temperament, a fluffy welcome is the perfect introduction to a memorable evening. Plus, the extra ear scratches and belly rubs are a great consolation if your pet has to warm the bench during the ceremony (they’ll gladly tackle the trade, trust us). 

Include your pet in pre-ceremony photos!

Your pet can also be part of the big day in the pre-ceremony photo sesh! Let’s face it, our memories can be a bit murky, especially when celebratory drinks are involved, but that’s what photos are for! By including your pet, you’ll always connect your furry companion to the best day of your life (hey, maybe they were there the whole time, who really knows?). As far as your pet is concerned, posing for a few memories was the best part of the whole thing anyway!


Image by Bird And Rose Photography, @wearebirdandrose

Add an image of your pet to the wedding swag!

Your pet might not physically be present, but you can definitely make your downy companion present in spirit by adding an image of them to the wedding invitations, stationary, stickers, stamps, seating chart, table tents, doggie bags (get it?), cake toppers, or welcome signs! There are a variety of artists or printing facilities that can generate the perfect image of your pet for the occasion, from photorealist portraits to lighthearted caricatures that will bring a smile to your guests. If you’re giving gifts at your wedding, try adding your pets image to pocket squares, socks, or cufflinks. 


Image by Gabriella Poirier Photo, @GabriellaPoirier

Bar materials are also a great place to incorporate your pet’s image into the occasion; Pet-inspired stir sticks, cocktail napkins, or even glassware can add a bit of tail-wagging to the celebration! If you really want to honor your pet, name a signature drink or two after them! Milo Margarita, anyone? Snoopy Sangria???

Image by Gabriella Poirier Photo, @GabriellaPoirier

Large-head cutouts for photo ops on the dance floor.

This one is for the truly dedicated pet lovers out there. If you want a zany post-ceremony celebration that’s bound to lead to some memorable photo ops, make some larger-than-life cutouts of your furry friend’s visage and hand them to guests when the party starts to take off! These also work great for take-home gifts. Where did I get this giant cardboard labradoodle head? That must’ve been some party!

Image by Eleven:11 Photography

If your pet isn’t able to walk down the aisle with you on your big day, that’s no reason to get cold feet—the above suggestions are just a few of the ways to get them into the action. Unleash your love!