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Hosting a Non-Traditional Wedding at Rhinegeist (Part One)

There’s nothing wrong with taking a traditional approach to your big day. The timeless charm of white dresses, three-tiered cakes, and speeches from our nearest and dearest friends and family are great ways to celebrate a lasting relationship (and following well-worn ceremonies often makes the complicated planning process just a little easier, which is always nice). But for some couples, love stories don’t fit neatly into a pre-designed template. If you’re craving a ceremony that reflects your unique passions, quirks, and adventures (after all, you’re getting married in a brewery, right?), we’ve got some simple tips for taking your wedding to less-expected places! 

Fashion Freedom

Don’t be constrained by the white dress & tuxedo rulebook! Part of the charm of planning your wedding at Rhinegeist is a variety of backdrops for photos, receptions and ceremonies. While lavish formalwear might be the right call in one space, another may call for a vintage jumpsuit, bold patterns, or even matching overalls! Feel free to rock colorful hues, unconventional fabrics, and embrace outfits that truly express your individual style. We can make your outfit shine!

Photo: Bird and Rose Photography @wearebirdandrose


Vow Out!

Break free from the “I do” script! Write your own vows, incorporate cherished poems, share inside jokes, or even sing your declarations of love. It’s your story, so tell it in a way that makes you the hero. Unconventional venues call for unconventional vows!

Photo: Hearts & Color Co. 


Culinary Creativity

Maybe a formal, sit-down dinner is what the doctor ordered, but that doesn’t mean it has to look like a scene from Titanic. Our team can help you connect with a variety of eclectic catering options, from traditional dinner selections to BBQ, tacos, family-style smorgasbords, gourmet cupcakes, and more. Bring some spice to the table on your big day!

Photo: Bird and Rose Photography @wearebirdandrose / The Delish Dish


Entertainment Evolution

A traditional wedding band can bring a certain vibe to the party, but if your musical tastes are a bit more eclectic, our Private Event specialists have a full catalog of soundtracks to choose from, from lively local DJs to genre-specific cover bands. Emo wedding, anyone? 

Photo: Rhinegeist Brewery/Jon Medina

If you wanna get weird, we can put you in touch with even less traditional entertainment options, from belly dancers to live screen printing, permanent jewelry popups and more! 

Photo: Rhinegeist Brewery/Jon Medina

Non-traditional weddings are more than just a way to break the mold; they’re about creating a celebration that feels authentically you. Don’t be afraid to embrace the unconventional, the quirky, and the unexpected—after all, marriage is full of unexpected surprises. Cheers!