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Chunky Brewster (Hazy India Pale Ale)

Reviews are done by Jim Matt, our Chief Science Officer, who is also a veteran FoBAB judge, GABF judge, and BJCP Master judge.

Chunky Brewster (6.0%, 60 IBU) is our first ever Hazy IPA, brewed in collaboration with the hot dog maestros over at Senate. Fruited with a generous supply of guava and pineapple, this brew will take you to a tropical wonderland. Embrace the haze.

Malts: 2-row, wheat malt, flaked oats

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic

Chunky Brewster is a “hazy” IPA. What does that mean and how does a beer become hazy?

It means that the clarity of the beer is poor. We did not filter this beer, and also used a non-flocculent yeast that tends to stay in suspension.

Chunky Brewster is the byproduct of  a collaboration with Senate. Talk about that collaboration process.

It was a tough job. Daniel Wright (Chef and Owner of Senate) invited us over and fed us some food, and we brainstormed the beer at Senate. We then had a few follow-up meetings at Rhinegeist where we were dosing some of our IPAs with different fruits. It is always fun partnering with chefs, especially Daniel, as he is energetic, enthusiastic and talented!

Chunky Brewster is “fruited” with guava and pineapple. Talk about those tropical flavors.

Different from citrus notes, tropical notes can be thought as the high notes of a symphony. These flavors are in the same group as papaya, mango, and coconut. They offer a “sweet” type of flavor that is really appealing.

What are the notable characteristics of this beer?

Fruity...fruity from the hops, the fruit and the yeast. Also quite hazy without being….well….chunky!

What makes you want to drink this beer?

The play of the hops with the guava and pineapple offers an interesting and unique drinking experience!

Appearance: Yellow color, moderately hazy. Medium carbonation with a thin head that dissipates quickly.

Aroma: Medium high fruitiness, note of guava and pineapple (obviously), medium undertones of peach, pear and white wine. Medium fruity esters, moderate hop aroma.

Taste: Low maltiness, medium high bitterness. Medium hop flavor, notes of gooseberry, white wine, mango, pineapple and guava. Slight lingering bitterness on the finish. Quite dry.

Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation, mildly astringent. Medium light body.

Overall: A fruited hazy IPA with a variety of tropical fruit flavors that make you want to drink more than one.

What foods would pair well with Chunky Brewster?

Thai noodle salad or fruit sorbet.