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I Just Got Engaged! Now What?

8 step guide to help you begin the wedding planning process

Congratulations on your engagement! Starting the wedding planning process can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Below is a quick step-by-step guide to help you get started in the first 6 months of planning.

Bask in the glory of course!
Take some time to celebrate your engagement with your partner, family and friends. Whether it’s your little secret for a few hours or you’re immediately posting to the group chat or social media, make sure your mind isn’t racing towards your “to do list”.

You & your partner need to go into the process of planning with an open mind and realistic expectations. There will be things that will be out of your control, challenges and time for reflection along the way. Don’t forget to celebrate the little victories, keep eachother grounded, and dream together about your future as a couple.

Budget Wisely
Creating a realistic budget that you can stick with is one of the most important steps to beginning your wedding planning process. It’s good to get an idea of how much per vendor you are looking to break your budget up for.

Create a rough guest list
Begin to discuss who you would like to attend your wedding. Keep in mind that more often than not your parents’ may have their own list of people they would like you to invite.

Set the date
Wedding planning takes time, and it doesn’t need to be rushed! We recommend setting the date for 12-18 months after you get engaged. Start thinking about what season you would like to get married, or if any significant dates fall on a weekend.

Find your venue
Once you’ve set a date, it’s easier to “venue shop” based on their availability. But don’t be afraid to be flexible with your date if you’ve fallen in love with the venue. It’s important to take in account what is included in the rental fee, capacity, your budget, and reviews from previous couples.

Book your key vendors
Begin to look into securing your key vendors like caterer, entertainment (DJ or band), planner, photographer and florist. Be prepared to brace yourself for popular vendors already being booked out a year in advance. Always have a first, second and even third choice that you would be happy with as a vendor.

Stay organized & delegate when needed
Google workspace is going to be your best friend for staying organized. We recommend making a separate gmail for your wedding so your emails, documents, lists, numbers, and receipts can all live in the same place. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your partner, friends or family that are willing to help.