Beer Reviews

Metaphysical Mango (Fruited Sour Ale)

Reviews are done by Jim Matt, our Chief Science Officer, who is also a veteran FoBAB judge, GABF judge, and BJCP Master judge.

Vintage: 2018

Months Aged: 10

Cultures: House Brett, Lacto Blend

Metaphysical Mango is the second release in our Outer Reaches Sour Ales series. Talk about the evolution of that program.

This program actually started about 5 years ago. Luke pulled a 5 gallon batch of Fiction off and inoculated it with a bacteria/yeast blend called Roselare. The program has grown leaps and bounds from that.

Metaphysical Mango aged for two months in one foeder, and then for eight months in another foeder with mango puree. Describe what’s happening in each wooden vessel.

The primary souring takes place during the initial aging, the secondary aging allows all of the fruit, sourness and a low level of funk to develop over time. As I have said before, perfection cannot be rushed.

What are the notable characteristics of this beer?

Light on the palate, moderately sour, very dry and complex.

What makes you want to drink this beer?

It is fruit forward yet extremely dry the first sip really does beckon the third!

What are some other Fruited Sours that you dig?

Avery makes a top notch Apricot Sour, Upland is known for their fruit lambics, and Sun King’s Cherry Busey is legendary.

Fruit (1-6): 6

Funk: 2

Wood: 2

Sour: 4

Appearance: Dark yellow in color, moderately hazy, a few flecks of yeast (from bottle carbonating), thick frothy head with average retention. High carbonation.

Aroma: High levels of fruit (mango) fade into a lightly funky aroma. No hop aroma, no malt aroma. Moderate fruity esters.

Taste: Moderately high fruit flavor, very complex and delicate. Moderate esters, low complimentary levels of Brett funk. Very low oak flavor. No hop flavor. Moderate lactic and citric acidity.

Mouthfeel:  Light body, high carbonation, some carbonic bite, low astringency.

Overall: A moderately sour, moderately fruity, lightly funk beer with a ton of complexity.

What foods would pair well with Metaphysical Mango?

Mussels in a lemon-garlic-butter sauce or cheese fondue.

Ideal glassware for Metaphysical Mango?

A tulip glass is ideal.