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Beer for Humans (Easy Hop Ale)

Craft beer made easy. 

Beer for Humans is a deliciously drinkable Easy Hop Ale featuring a satisfyingly crisp, crackery malt bill high-fived by a bright & citrusy blend of hops. Refreshingly simple, easy to love, fun to share—it’s Beer, for Humans! To learn more about our all-new Easy Hop Ale, read on! 

Reviews are done by our Sensory Specialist Travis Houston, a Certified Cicerone and FoBAB judge.


Malts: Pilsner, White Wheat, Dextrose

Hops: Centennial, Mosaic, El Dorado, Eureka, Sultana


What are the notable characteristics of Beer for Humans?

This beer is brewed to feature the hop aromas and flavors that craft beer drinkers love without any of the intense bitterness, higher alcohol, and full body that can be overwhelming in traditional American IPAs and Pale Ales. With a light malt bill that keeps the body crisp and bright, the citrus-forward hop blend drives the profile, leading to a refreshingly smooth finish.


There is also a charitable community engagement aspect to this beer. Can you elaborate on this a bit? 

Absolutely. All of our charitable endeavors, donations, Taproom Pint Nights, etc. have gone by the name “Charitable Suds” for our history as a brewery. Starting in March, “Beer for Humans” will replace “Charitable Suds” as an umbrella term for charitable Pint Nights, in-kind donations, volunteer hours, emergency relief, DEI initiatives, event partnerships, and local membership engagement across Rhinegeist’s distribution footprint. Community work has always been one of our core brand values; integrating this value with a widely distributed package beer will allow us to expand its impact. Beer for Humans is best thought of as both a delicious, highly-approachhable beer, and the next step in our ladder of community support. We get to do what we do best (brew beer), and use it to shine a light on the all the great work happening in our communities. We will highlight select nonprofit partners on the 15-pack boxes of Beer for Humans, and if you visit the BFH website (accessible via QR code on the can) you will see a more comprehensive list of partners, as well as instructions on how to get your organization involved! Our weekly Taproom Pint Nights, which we use to feature some of our community partners in person, will use the new, colorful Beer for Humans branding so that we can really start to build a community following with BFH: when you see Beer for Humans, you know two things for sure: good stuff is happening in the community, and tasty beer is close at hand!


Talk about BFH recipe a bit. It’s called an “Easy Hop Ale”—what does this mean? What makes this beer a tasty, approachable go-to daily drinker for Craft Beer fans?

With the explosion in popularity of hop-forward beers over the last few decades, large amounts of research and development has gone into both growing new varietals of hops, but also new ways to process hops so that certain characteristics are enhanced, while others are reduced or completely eliminated. Beer For Humans utilizes some of these exciting new products, which are fully derived from natural hop cones, to create an extremely aromatic flavor profile that’s loaded with citrus and stone fruit, without any of the usual vegetal bitterness characteristic of typical hop-forward beers. By layering this hop profile onto a light malt bill that features Pilsner Malt and White Wheat, the bright citrus notes are enhanced and emphasized, leading to a smooth, refreshing finish.  


What makes you want to drink this beer?

Spring is just around the corner, meaning patio beers are coming up soon. Beer for Humans, with its restrained abv, light body, and bright flavor, is the perfect beer to accompany the first cookout of the season.


Appearance: Light gold with slight haze and fluffy, white foam.

Aroma: Hop derived aromas of orange zest, grapefruit, and apricot.


Taste: The flavor delivers on the citrus aromas, with low sweetness and very low bitterness.


Mouthfeel: The body is light, crisp, and effervescent, with just a hint of lingering orange from hops. 


Overall: Beer For Humans bursts with citrusy hop aroma and flavor without being aggressively bitter. The body is light and bright, with a smooth finish that lingers pleasantly with fruity hops.


What foods would pair well with Beer for Humans?

Beer For Humans would go great with grilled chicken, especially on a sunny spring day. 


Ideal glassware for BFH? A standard shaker pint.