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100% chance of refreshment.

This lush, effervescent and satisfying brew hits your tastebuds like a berry nor’easter. A lip smacking berry blizzard bringing notes of apple, cherry, raspberry and blackberry in a frenetic flurry of fruit flavor—Blizzberry is worth the weather. 

Reviews are done by Travis Houston, our Sensory Specialist, Certified Cicerone, and FOBAB Judge.


Blizzberry is our newest Fruited Ale! What does this recipe bring to our FA lineup, and how does it compliment its fruit-forward cousins?

Choosing a fruit combination that works for the colder months is tricky. Traditional holiday flavors play well in November and December, but most people don’t want to keep drinking those after New Years. There also aren’t many fruits associated with winter, for obvious reasons. After various trials, cherries, and mixed berries in general, rose up as the perfect solution. There’s a loose connection between cherries and the holiday season, allowing Blizzberry to play well with most of the sweet and spiced dishes served around that time of year. The lower acidity and deep, robust flavor of mixed berries also stands up against the cold span between the holidays and spring. And, much like the other fruited ale offerings, Blizzberry is packed with fruity, juicy flavor, but still stays nimble enough to be sessionable.


What are the notable characteristics of this brew?

This beer is extremely berry forward, bringing just enough sweetness and acidity to enhance the fruit character without decreasing the drinkability. The juice combination is as unique as it is familiar, conjuring sense memories of grape juice and fresh jam.


What makes you want to drink Blizzberry?

Aside from the amazing name and can (that color!), Blizzberry is a departure from the traditional fruity winter options, which usually include some sort of warming spice and higher alcohol.


Appearance: Vibrant purple color with light pink foam and slight haze.

Aroma: Fresh mixed berries, cherries, grape juice, and raspberries.


Taste: Moderately sweet with just a hint of acidity and no bitterness.


Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and smooth, with a sweet, fruity finish.


Overall: Vibrant purple in color with light pink foam and slight haze, notes of fresh mixed berries, grape juice and cherries dominate the aroma. The flavor is moderately sweet and loaded with bright, juicy fruit flavor, followed by mild lingering notes of raspberries and cherries.


What foods would pair well with Blizzberry?

A Belgian waffle with fruit on top would go great with Blizzberry, especially during brunch. It would also go great with cheesecake topped with berries.

Ideal glassware for Blizzberry? A standard shaker pint.