Beer Reviews

Bloom (Cider with Pear and Elderflower)

Crisp apple and juicy pear enhanced with elderflower blossoms. Fresh and slightly floral with tropical nuance—there’s a touch of the artist about Bloom.

Bloom is the first *new* cider that we’ve released since the Cidergeist rebrand. What is unique about it? What does the addition of pear and elderflower bring to the table?

Elderflower is a complex and interesting ingredient, featuring notes of pear, lychee, and wildflower, along with some hints of tropical fruit. Adding actual pear draws out and amplifies those delicate stone fruit aromas. Pears are also very closely related to apples, and they complement each other beautifully. The addition of elderflower also increases the perception of sweetness overall without adding any extra sugar, allowing Bloom to remain light and crisp.


The name definitely brings to mind all things spring—was this intentional?

Absolutely. Bloom bursts with bright floral notes that evoke memories of a spring meadow. Pear trees are among the first fruit trees to bloom each year, usually beginning in late winter and continuing all through spring. Elderflowers also start to bud in mid spring, and peak just before the onset of summer. 


What are the notable characteristics of this cider?

Elderflower makes Bloom really stand out among ciders, most of which are very fruit forward in the US. Pear is a traditional ingredient used in making cider, or perry if no apples are added, but its use has fallen off over the last few decades. The use of pear adds another unique element to Bloom and another layer of complexity to the base, allowing the Elderflower to take on a fresh, green characteristic you’d normally only get when holding a flower under your nose.

What makes you want to drink this cider?

The temperature outside is already rising, and opening a Bloom on my deck in the spring sunshine is something I really look forward to.

Appearance: Light straw with slight haze.

Aroma: Elderflower, pear, apple, lychee, tropical fruit.

Taste: Pear, apple and elderflower hit the palate with a medium perception of sweetness, backed by very mild acidity.

Mouthfeel: Medium-thin, with medium carbonation, and no cloying sweetness.

Overall: Light straw in color with good clarity, Bloom is loaded with floral Elderflower aromas, backed by fruity pear and apple. Pleasant, effervescent floral notes linger, drawing you to the next drink.

What foods would pair well with Bloom?

Bloom would be great with a fresh spring salad, loaded with seasonal fruits and veggies.

Ideal glassware for Bloom? A standard shaker pint.