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Crumb Cake

Streusel you can sip.

Crumb Cake debuted as part of our Brewers Series—a collection of one-off specialty beers created by individual members of our brew team—and quickly became a crowd favorite. Additions of coffee, vanilla and lactose give Crumb Cake a rich and creamy profile layered with streusel-inspired flavor. Crumb Cake is a seasonal release, available in cans (for the first time!) and on draft. 

Reviews are done by Travis Houston, our Sensory Specialist, Certified Cicerone, and FOBAB Judge.


Crumb Cake has been around for a while as a draft release. For a niche style, it quickly gained a cult following in some markets. Any insights on this?

For reasons we never really figured out, this beer blew up in Northern Ohio, with bars pouring through kegs of it much faster than we anticipated. I think they were just slightly ahead of the game, though, as excitement for the beer in and around the brewery has been extremely high this year, and is spilling out into the rest of the city.


What are the notable characteristics of this brew?

This beer is sweet and pastry-like, with notes of cake, vanilla, and cream, all tied together by the addition of cold-brewed coffee. By processing the coffee in this way, Deeper Roots were able to minimize acidity and bitterness while enhancing the roast character that melds so beautifully with the other additions. The cold-brew also balances some of the sweetness by adding a deep complexity that only well crafted, high quality coffee can impart.


What makes you want to drink Crumb Cake?

This beer is dessert in a can. The sweetness is medium-high, but at the perfect level. All the ingredients- the lactose, vanilla and coffee- play their part in creating a brew that legitimately tastes like a piece of crumb cake while not being so sweet or cloying that it’s too heavy to have another pint. The alcohol level is also slightly elevated, making Crumb Cake perfect for a cold winter night.


Appearance: Amber in color with slight haze and fluffy white foam

Aroma: Sweet vanilla, roasted coffee, cake, cream, and hints of caramel from malt.


Taste: The taste is sweet, and the integration of added ingredients is perfectly balanced.


Mouthfeel: Fairly full bodied and creamy, though not cloying or excessively heavy.


Overall: Amber color with slight haze and fluffy white foam, notes of pastry, sweet vanilla, roasted coffee, and cream are backed by medium-high sweetness, resulting in a beer that smells and tastes surprisingly similar to actual crumb cake.


What foods would pair well with Crumb Cake?

The obvious answer is to pair Crumb Cake with crumb cake, but holiday cookies would also pair perfectly with this beer.


Ideal glassware for Crumb Cake? A standard shaker pint.