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Lodo (Peach Ale)

A lithe limbo between bright acidity and palate cleansing salinity, Lodo (3.7% | 9 IBU) delivers a crisp and refreshingly peachy tart ale in just 100 calories. How lo can you go?

Reviews are done by our Sensory Specialist Travis Houston, a Certified Cicerone and FoBAB judge.

Malts: 2-Row, White Wheat, Acidulated

Hops: Cascade

What are the notable characteristics of this beer?

This beer manages to be refreshingly light while still packing in loads of flavor. Bright, crisp, and effervescent, Lodo is incredibly drinkable.

Lodo is one of the lowest calorie brews we’ve ever released. From a recipe standpoint, how do you balance the need for robust flavor and aroma while keeping things light?

Making a low calorie beer is difficult for many reasons. The primary being that alcohol itself is loaded with calories. In fact, a gram of ethanol has more calories than a gram of carbohydrates, and only slightly less than a gram of fat. This means we have to find other ways to lower the calorie count. By adding peach juice and allowing it to fully ferment, fruit flavor remains, but all the sugar has been consumed by yeast. We also used malt that ferments very fully, leaving very little residual sugar in the beer. And to reference back to my initial point, keeping the ABV low is necessary.

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What are some of your favorite peach-forward beers?

Festina Pêche by Dogfish Head, Perzik Saison by Avery, and Garcon de Ferme by Wicked Weed.

What makes you want to drink this beer?

The forecast! Spring looks to finally be here, and I can’t wait to sit on my deck in the sunshine enjoying one of these. This will also be my new reward beer after a run. 

Appearance: Straw color with great clarity and very thin white foam.

Aroma: Fresh peach with a hint of citrus zest.

Taste: Mildly tart peach fades quickly, met with the slightest hint of sweet malt. 

Mouthfeel: Exceptionally light an effervescent, which is enhanced by the slight acidity.

Overall: Bright and effervescent, fresh peach dominates the flavor in this light, tart ale.

What foods would pair well with Lodo?

With its ability to leave the palate clean and refreshed, this beer will go with anything. This would match well with a light salad, but would also cut straight through the fat of a burger.

Ideal glassware for Lodo?

A standard pint glass.

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