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Stir it up.

Swizzle takes crisp apple flavor for an unexpected spin. Infusions of lemongrass & ginger add a little extra sparkle to this refreshingly effervescent Hard Cider. To get the full shakedown on this lively Hard Cider, read on!

Reviews are done by Travis Houston, our Sensory Specialist, Certified Cicerone, and FOBAB Judge.

Swizzle was in the Cidergeist lineup even before the redesign and the other new additions—what was the impetus for an unusual flavor combo like lemongrass and ginger? What does this recipe bring to our cider lineup?

While the other ciders in the lineup came about from group brainstorming sessions, Swizzle was purely the creation of our brewer-turned-microbiologist, Austin. As a brewer, part of his role involved overseeing small-batch innovation, and Swizzle was one of his earliest recipes. Lemongrass is bright and citrusy, hinting at fresh lemon, with floral and herbal notes that add complexities not found in fruit. The ginger comes across slightly sweet, with no heat or bitterness, but loaded with depth. The base cider is decently dry, allowing slightly sweet lemon and ginger notes to lead the flavor, which finishes quick, dry, and refreshing, leaving just the slightest hint of ginger to draw you to another drink.

Swizzle shares a name with a family of (usually vigorously stirred) cocktails; were cocktails an inspiration for this or other members of the Cidergeist lineup?  

The diversity of flavor combinations found in cocktails made it the perfect area from which to draw inspiration for our cider innovation. “Swizzling” a cocktail is a technique where a special tool is used to mix a drink, aerating it in the process. A “swizzle stick” is rolled between the palms, allowing the blades attached to the other end to rapidly mix crushed ice and other ingredients. The result is a thoroughly chilled drink that’s effervescent, aromatic, and refreshing.

What are the notable characteristics of this cider?

The base cider itself is fairly dry, lending a lively characteristic that’s enhanced by the lemongrass and ginger, both of which impart impressive amounts of flavor without adding any sugar. They’re also both highly aromatic, which adds to the light, crisp character that makes Swizzle so drinkable and refreshing. 

What makes you want to drink this cider?

Swizzle is the perfect beverage to drink with a meal. The crisp dryness makes it an excellent palate cleanser, while the lemongrass and ginger are strong enough to hold their own and cut through even the fattiest foods. Not only will you be able to taste your drink, it will leave you ready for another bite.

Appearance: Very light gold, with slight haze and almost no foam.

Aroma: Lemon, citrus, ginger, red apples, and hints of geranium.

Taste: Lemongrass leads, followed quickly by ginger, with a dry, red apple base.

Mouthfeel: Very crisp, dry, and effervescent.

Overall: Infusions of ginger and lemongrass add notes of citrus and ginger to this crisp, dry cider.

What foods would pair well with Swizzle?

I think Swizzle goes great with korean barbecue. The flavors complement each other really nicely, and Swizzle will cut straight through all those heavy, hearty dishes.

Ideal glassware for Swizzle? A standard shaker pint.