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Zango (Fruited Ale)

Apple, Mango, and Tangerine merge—Zango! A delightfully refreshing concoction appears from behind the curtain. Enchantingly crisp, alluringly tart, and sparkling with notes of citrus and tropical fruit, Zango dazzles palates with liquid legerdemain.

Review courtesy of our Director of Education and Advanced Cicerone®️, Chris Shields.

Zango is our latest Fruited Ale! Talk about what this recipe brings to the table, and how it complements past releases like Wowie and Slangria.

When we sat down to brainstorm on a followup to Slangria, we wanted a beer that fit the season. Citrus fruit is fresh and beautiful this time of year and we love the sweetness and brightness that tangerine brings to the mix. Our apple backbone brings a sweet, floral note and some additional acidity with a touch of tannin to keep you coming back. But we also wanted to look ahead toward summer (and the return of Wowie), so we brought in mango as a tropical complement. Mango adds just enough equatorial flair to make you think about summer, without feeling bummed that it’s not here yet. Once we nailed down the component fruits, it’s all about finding the balance of tropical, pomme, and citrus flavors that hit just the right note for a springtime session. 

can of rhinegeist zango on orange background

What makes you want to drink this beer?

Sunshine and warming weather make me reach for Zango. A summertime fire or walking with your pup. Being outside when the sun is warm and the air is still crisp partners with Zango’s citrus and tropical profile.

Appearance: Straw colored with a hint of orange, good clarity and an ephemeral white head. 

Aroma: Tropical mango and citrus peel dominate this robust aroma. Tangerine juice layers above a gentle and balancing floral note of elderflowers and apple blossoms.

Taste: A little sweet balanced with just a touch of bitterness leaving you awaiting the next sip. Tangerine oil brushes through as fresh mango takes residence. 

Mouthfeel: Medium acidity opens the palate to a full-bodied tasting experience. A general brightness ushers in a mouthwatering finish with nice carbonation.

Overall: Zango is ready for spring. A build from citrus to tropical, this beer excites and urges the next taste. Mango and tangerine in harmony highlighted by a delicate floral layer and elegant acidity. 

What foods would pair well with Zango?

Grilled shrimp or fish tacos would be a marvelous pairing. Finish it off with a pineapple upside down cake (or any fruity, cakey dessert). 

Ideal glassware for Zango?

Zango will thrive from a snifter or standard pint; anything that lets you appreciate its bold and beautiful aroma. That said, don’t let me stop you from crushing this fruity delight straight from the can!