Puma's Back + Sci-Fi Release: Newsletter 7/12

Puma Pils!

Puma's back!

Our Pilsner — first brewed in 2014 — is all about balance, prowling around poolside palates with a steady attack of bready malts and noble hops. Puma (5.2% | 40 IBU) will start hitting shelves and taps this week!

Sci-Fi Arrives

Funkified and rarified.

We are very excited to introduce Science Fiction (6.9%), the newest member of our Outer Reaches Sour Ales family! This Funky Blonde Ale started as a six gallon experiment back in 2013, our first foray into the mystical world of sour beer. Since then, we've refined Sci-Fi, melding our Belgian Extra Pale Ale Fiction with a Roeselare blend and allowing it to work its magic for 20 months in our basement.

Science Fiction drops on draft and in 500ml bottles this Friday, 7/11, at 3pm in our taproom (one bottle/person)! It will also see very limited distribution outside the brewery. We're pumped for you all to give it a taste!

For more on this sour, peruse a Beer Review from our Chief Science Officer Jim Matt. For more on the Outer Reaches program, check out our overview page.

More Brew News

A few other liquid nice-to-knows:

  • Say hello to Tangie (4.2% | 10 IBU), our new Shandy with tangerine and lemon juices. Brewed to take on the summer heat, this brew is extremely refreshing and light-bodied with effervescent citrus flavors. Tangie is a limited, draft-only offering that started hitting taps the week of 7/2.
  • Delta Dugong (7.0% | 42 IBU) is our third, draft-only Hazy IPA release of 2018. Primary hopped for aromatic accentuation, this brew offers notes of resinous pine & juicy papaya. Delta Dugong starts pouring this week.
  • We've got a new release in our Brewers' Series! Portofino (5.1% | 31 IBU), a Pale Wheat Ale with Basil devised by our Brewer Evan, will be available on draft starting this week.
  • Sour power! Quarky Citra (7.0%), a Brett Pale Ale and our first draft-only Outer Reaches release, will drop the week of 7/16.


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Stay cool out there,

The Rhinegeist Team