Breaching the Surface: Newsletter 1/9/2020

astronaut holding can of rhinegeist andromeda pale ale

Pay heed to the heavens—a hop shower cometh.

Andromeda (5.7% |48 IBU) is back! A constellation of interstellar hop flavor, this Galaxy, Centennial and Ella-fueled pale ale is now on taps and shelves. Peach and apricot lead with subtle currents of citrus.

To find Andromeda near you, pop over to our Beer Finder and plug in your zip code.

three bottles of Rhinegeist Night Whale atop a barrel

After 24 months in bourbon barrels, Night Whale returns. Clocking in at 16.2% (tread carefully), this Imperial Stout swings open the great floodgates of the wonder world. Toasted oak, delicate vanilla, and roasted malt for miles.

Bottles hit the taproom tomorrow at 3pm. Very limited distribution begins this weekend.

banner event for uncle cask night

To celebrate the long-awaited canning of Uncle(4.2% | 14 IBU), our beloved British Mild, we’re tapping a Cask! Cask-conditioned Uncle will be pouring on Friday, Jan. 17th in the taproom alongside some other tasty riffs for a delightfully dowdy evening of pints and pelotage.

For the full Mild minutiae, head to the Facebook Event.


The Rhinegeist Team