What We're Up To: Red Bull Soapbox Race

Rhinegeist has a team in the Red Bull Soapbox races on Saturday, August 29th in Eden Park and we are totally jazzed about it. They’ve been dubbed team “Pure Fury” and are made up of our driver and head builder Dan Mueller (Special Ops), Nick Brehm (Production Planner), Cole Hackbarth (Brewing Operations Manager), Daniel Deitsch (King of Crash), and Dan Klemmer (Marketing Squad).

These five have been working their fannies off over the past few weeks in order to be in tiptop shape for race day on Saturday the 29th. They have built the soapbox within the walls of Rhinegeist from top to bottom. The cart is a four-wheeler chassis with PVC piping frame, a repurposed keg fender and a fiberglass shell for the skull. When these doors open up, they open up! In addition they’ve planned a skit with hype music (Thunderstruck), silk screened matching coveralls and of course hit the right combination of enthusiasm and reverence for the hill.

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You can find some notables and quotables about the squad in their questionnaire interview with Red Bull:

What was the inspiration for your soapbox?

The inspiration comes from the logo of our brewery, which represents the spirit of Cincinnati and the effort to revitalize its rich entrepreneurial and brewing tradition.

Where will you be building your soapbox?

We’ll be constructing it in the basement of Rhinegeist so we’re hoping that our 19th century building empowers us with divinations from the industrial age.

Do you think your soapbox will go the fastest?  Why?

No chance does ours go the fastest but we’re going to give the people what they want and we’d be shocked if anyone has a better looking box. It’ll look sexy and sleek and fun will be had by all.

There will be a people’s choice award — How do you expect to win over the crowd?

Beards, handstands, toe-touches and hustle… We’ve got some total hype-machines on the squad so we’re planning on grand sweeping body gestures to jack the crowd up.

Do any of you speak more than one language?  If so, please share:

We speak a little bit of Spanish. By a little bit I mean that when Cole gets a few beers he convinces himself he’s as fluent as days of old, and Dan Klemmer is conversational because his roommate hails from Mexico.

Do you have a favorite radio station or radio DJ(s)?

Favorite radio station is hands down NPR 91.7 — that’s gotta count, right? We like to stay on our game and be informed on the ever-changing global landscape.

Anything else we should know?

We’re ready to bring it from dusk ‘til dawn and are all on the Team No Regrets movement.

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