Rhinegeist Rewind: Newsletter 12/29/2016

Moments of 2016

With the turning of the calendar and the taking of inventory, the approach of the New Year encourages a bit of reflection. 2016 brought innumerable smiles and beads of sweat shed across the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Massachusetts. The picture above is the Geist squad wishing our 54-foot freight off to Boston filled with beer for the first time this August. 

Earlier this year, we made a music video that blossomed from an off-hours side project into a goofy rhyme of scooters, suds and friendship. We added a lot to the brewery, too: a new keg line, much machinery for the lab, 100 new employees and a rooftop bar. 

Through our Charitable Suds program we helped raise funds and awareness for over 200 nonprofits that are working to make the Cincinnati and Columbus communities better places. This spring, we collaborated with New Belgium for their 25th Anniversary Fat Tire & Friends Collabeeration Pack. We also finished this year having brewed 92 distinct beers including 5 released in cans for the first time.


As we close out the year, we’re giving a big thanks to Cincinnati for continuing to build momentum as a cultural center. With fantastic restaurants, breweries and startups opening in Over-the-Rhine and around this great city, Cincinnati is breaking into the national consciousness in a powerful way.

In just the last few weeks, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, and Travel & Leisure have pointed out Cincinnati as a city worth a visit. The streetcar is regularly ferrying happy riders through our city streets and the good vibe in the Queen City continues to resonate in a beautiful way. 


Thank you to all those out there helping to build Cincinnati into the fantastic modern city it is. Thank you to all of you who enjoy and support the thriving Cincinnati beer culture, stronger now than before Prohibition.

Thank you to our new fans in territories further afield. As we've begun to ship our beer across the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Massachusetts, your excitement is palpable and encouraging. Thank you to our fellow brewers in Cincinnati and Ohio — the continued innovation and tasty liquid production here is capturing attention of beer geeks nationwide.

And a huge thank you to the our team who brews, spins, packages, designs, ships, delivers and innovates on the beer that runs through our veins here at Rhinegeist. We've got a great crew here hustling each day and we're thankful we get to work with such a hilarious, hardworking and inventive team. 


As we close this year, we're thankful for those that we are able to touch with our beer and a big cheers to all of you — Happy New Year!

Here are a few photos for visual complementation:

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Now that's enough of that — cue the music video and we'll see you in 2017!