Medals on Medals at the Commonwealth Cup!

This past month we entered ten of our beers into the 2016 Commonwealth Cup, a beer and food fest put on by Alltech in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Commonwealth Cup featured over 50 breweries and 175 beers from both Europe and the United States!

“What’s really cool about this event,” starts Zack Moscow, Rhinegeist Kentucky Sales Director, “is that they brought in judges from different breweries and wholesalers with a varying range of judging experience but huge amounts of industry knowledge.” He continues, “It was awesome for each brewery to be present in the judging announcement room—it really helped foster the craft community engagement-wise. That's the collaborative energy that we love being a part of.”

We entered a wide spectrum of beers and ciders in this year’s Commonwealth cup, and out of the ten entered, nine of them won a medal and three of those were gold!

Zack added, “It was encouraging to see so many breweries from our home region take home medals and represent Cincinnati as well as the Midwest with the hardware!”

These experiences are hugely humbling and equally as exciting for us as a young brewery. It’s directly indicative of the work our brew team (as seen in the picture above) is doing and the diversity and quality of the styles we’re brewing. We'll continue to keep our nose to the grindstone and smiling while we sweat.