Beezy (Hard Cider with Honey)

Crisp apples enhanced with orange blossom honey, Beezy takes classic Hard Cider for a slightly sweet spin. If you’re seeking a delightful departure from the ordinary, what more can we say? Beezy does it.

Reviews are done by Travis Houston, our Sensory Specialist, Certified Cicerone, and FOBAB Judge.


What makes Beezy stand out in our cider lineup, and ciders generally? What does the addition of honey bring to the table?

Local orange blossom honey is added to Beezy after fermentation, meaning the sugar from the honey doesn’t get consumed by yeast and remains in the final product. This gives not only a touch of sweetness to balance the acidic sting from apples, but also adds hints of floral honey character to the cider. Along with that, it thickens the body ever so slightly, imparting a subtle smoothness that compliments the slight sweetness and adds to the finish.


Beezy rhymes with “easy,” and brings to mind buzzing bees. Was capturing subtle cues like this with the cider names intentional?

Absolutely. We have an incredible hivemind of creative people working at the brewery who meet weekly to bounce name ideas off each other. Bloom not only evokes spring, but references the elderflower addition. Swizzle alludes to the effervescence that the ginger and lemongrass combination brings to that cider, while Snug calls out the warming spices that are added. These names are light and fun, but also give an instant impression of what to expect from the cider.


What are the notable characteristics of this cider?

The honey character in Beezy stands out, but isn’t overly sweet or cloying. Red apple, fresh honey, and hints of floral honeysuckle add a bright, light character that’s enhanced by the acidity from the apples. This quickly resolves to a subtly sweet, slightly full, pleasantly smooth finish that’s both satisfying and refreshing.


What makes you want to drink Beezy?

This cider is the perfect summer drink, with enough flavor to stand alone without being too heavy for a hot, sunny afternoon.


Appearance: Light straw with good clarity.

Aroma: Red apple, honey and honeysuckle.


Taste: Moderate honey sweetness and subtly sour apple.


Mouthfeel: Medium-light body with medium carbonation and a smooth character from the honey addition.


Overall: Light straw with good clarity, Beezy bursts with notes bright red apple, fresh orange blossom honey, and honeysuckle. Subtle sweetness balances mild acidity, enhancing the smooth finish imparted by the addition of honey.


What foods would pair well with Beezy? Beezy would go great with a cheese plate.


Ideal glassware for Beezy? A shaker pint.